As a little girl, I watched my mother rummage through the couches of our Bronx apartment in an attempt to compile enough change to buy my sisters and me dinner. I witnessed her bravery, her willingness to disregard labels and a dream job for the betterment of our family. By doing so, my mother lovingly and gracefully paved the way for me to go after my dreams.

Flash-forward more than twenty years...and I leaped at the opportunity to relocate from New York City to California, a state I used to dream of calling home. 

As the Social/Breaking News Reporter (and at times producer) for The Desert Sun, I aim to tell stories that resonate with the community of the Coachella Valley. As a producer, I assist with the print and digital production side, managing the website fronts, pushing content throughout social media platforms and utilizing Newsgate to help plan the layout for the next day's newspaper. From breaking news to health to politics, my storytelling capabilities expand well beyond my comfort zone.

Put simply, my goal is to absorb as much knowledge as possible in order to become a versatile powerhouse within the industry.

Through words and visuals, I strive to tell the story of a woman determined to rise.