Writing stories…to help others escape.




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Hi! I’m Geraldine Estevez…or some of you may know me as The Write Woman (now’s a good time to imagine a superhero’s anthem).

In 2018, I made the most unsettling decision I’ve ever made: I packed a few belongings back in The Bronx and hopped on a plane to Palm Springs, California.

The bigger the risks we take in life, the greater the Return of Investment (ROI) stands to be.

Photo by Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun/USA Today Network

Photo by Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun/USA Today Network


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An innate storyteller, I’ve been telling stories every which way I can: from public speaking to television reporting to social media production, but, still, the written word is by far my favorite form of expression.

Here’s the hook, the thing most people who greet me on a daily basis don’t know but now you do:

I’m writing a novel!

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ll share on here and via social media — especially Instagram — in the upcoming months:

BTS of my novel writing experience

My self-publishing journey

Marketing for [indie] authors