Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, specializing in advertising and public relations, Geraldine took on the role of Social Media Coordinator at Commonground/MGS, where she worked with brands, such as HBO Latino, Absolut and Chivas Regal. In time, Geraldine reeled the courage to pursue her unwavering interests: freelance writing and broadcast journalism. Since then, she has written an array of articles, conducted interviews and produced news scripts and packages in both English and Spanish, therefore becoming a well-rounded multimedia storyteller.


"Surprise! English Is Not The Only American Language" (Huffington Post Latino Voices & Latina)

"Is Racism to Blame for the Lack of Latinos in Media?" (Huffington Post)

"Dear Prospective Employer: Your Hiring Process Is Crap" (LinkedIn Pulse)

"I Don't Want Children" (Huffington Post Women) - Went Viral: 38,000+ Facebook likes

"Open Letter To Donald Trump" (Huffington Post Politics)

"Depression Doesn't Discriminate, But It Lies" (Huffington Post Stronger Together)

"5 Powerful Messages From Soledad O'Brien's #IAmLatinoInAmerica" (Latina)

"Chicano Creates Satirical 'Make America Mexico Again' Cap To Mock Trump" (Latina)

"What It's Really Like To Have A Miscarriage" (Latina)

"5 Effects Of Divorce That Often Go Unrecognized" (Latina)

"Ann Coulter Offends Latinos (Again!) And Shows Support For Donald Trump" (Latina)

"ICE Raids Scare Undocumented Students Into Dropping Out Of School" (Latina)

"Malia Obama Is Playing The Role Of Translator During Family's Cuba Trip" (Latina)

"Jennifer Lopez, Descalificación De La Mujer Por Cierta Edad" (Unpublished Spanish Sample)


Adrienne Bailon

(Actress, Singer-Songwriter, Co-Host of Daytime Talk Show "The Real")

E.J. Bonilla

(Actor, formerly starred in "Unforgettable")

Denise Vasi

(Actress, formerly starred in "Single Ladies")


"Drop Yo Selfie" (BronxNet TV)

"Film Screening: Don't Tell Anyone" (BronxNet TV)

Compilation (BronxNet TV & LatinTRENDS)


Produced and conducted Latina's live #Empire Twitter chat, more than doubled the brand's reach to 1.6M


Spanish News Script (Noticias XYZ)

English News Script (XYZ News)

Jennifer Lopez Interview PKG Script (Morning Show XYZ)


Geraldine Estevez

Furthermore, Geraldine produced a 33-second spot that outlines why she's not just The Write Woman, but The Right Woman for the job.